iOS 7 will push Advertisers towards IDFA

Last month Apple has unveiled the new iOS 7 during WWDC13. Design will be completely renewed and new innovative features will be introduced. But what about mobile tracking?

According to the iOS 7 pre-release notes, Apple is pushing more and more Advertisers to use its Identifier For Advertising (IDFA) by tightening the rules and eliminating the access to the other tracking systems as MAC Addresses, UDID andOpenUDID.

The only external solution that appears to be compliant to Apple rules is the fingerprint solution as MobPartner’s one.

Advertisers working with MobPartner can track the generated transactions relying on ourhighly accurate FingerPrint solution created in-house by combining several header data points sent by the device. At the same time MobPartner is fully compatible with IDFA, the latest Apple tracking  parameter.

The new Apple operating system will introduce new rules that will affect advertisersthat want to identify users.

Identifier For Advertising (IDFA)

The latest Apple’s tracking system is temporary, effective and explicit for ads and it doesn’t identify users personally but give to the Advertiser aggregate audience data in order to target ads. In iOS 7 iPhone settings have been reorganized so that it will be easier for users to switch off the tracking: in iOS 6 the option was under “General”, in iOS 7 is under “Privacy” and “Advertising”.


Unique Device Identifier (UDID)

Due to privacy concerns Apple has official stopped in May 2013 to accept on the App Store apps using the Unique Device Identifier (UDID). In iOS 7 the UDID support will be removed from apps that haven’t been updated, so starting from September 2013 the UDID will disappear.


Apple pre-release notes on UDID


OpenUDID is an open source  drop-in replacement to the deprecated UDID that relies on pasteboards sharing to keep the same ID across all apps on the device. The release note below states that with iOS7 pasteboards will be unique to a group of applications, so theOpenUDID will be no longer reliable for tracking.


Apple pre-release notes on OpenUDID

MAC Addresses

For the majority of Advertisers MAC address was a stable tracking option as an alternative to UDID when it was removed. Unfortunately the same privacy concerns linked to UDID apply to MAC method too, so iOS will no longer return user’s MAC address to advertisers in its new version. As noted in the pre-release note below, Apple suggest to migrate from MAC address to Vendor or Advertising identifiers for device identification.


Apple pre-release notes on MAC Address

Despite the big changes in tracking that Apple will introduce soon, MobPartner will continue to help you with your advertising by completely supporting the IDFA parameter and allowing you to track your traffic thanks to our in-house FingerPrint solution developed by our technical team.



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