solve: Latest evernote can’t be installed after old version not uninstalled properly



I tried to upgrade my Evernote v4.02 (I think) with the upgrade function within Evernote.
It failed with the message (translated from Dutch)
An error occurred while using transforms
Check if the transform paths are valid.

Afterwards, Evernote disappeared from the Start Menu. So I downloaded the standalone installer from the website.
The same message showed up, and now I am stuck without the Windows Evernote Client.
Any clues?
Regards, Martijn.

Because nobody want’s to help I help myself. For our problem solution is in EvernoteSetup.log file. In mine I found following line:
Located product {0ED78DCC-01A9-11E1-B2F1-1CC1DEF07CBE} with upgrade code {AE2C091E-CF5F-4e30-8659-D640E23A8B99}.
Open regedit and search first 8 digits in reverse of the GUID for me it was E190C2EA.
I found 2 keys in registry in HKCRInstallerUpgradeCodes and HKLUSOFTWAREMicrosoftWindowsCurrentVersionInstallerFolders exported them (for safety) and then delete. After this I’ve started Evernote instalation again and it worked.